Care of indoor plants

Care of indoor plants

Plants are able to give any room a positive mood. They will also be a good addition to almost any interior and room. However, the care of indoor plants is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

Below you will learn how to make sure that the plants do not cause a lot of trouble and delight with their appearance for a long time.

Proper care of indoor plants:

You need to start with the right choice of plant. Of course, the plant should be liked. But do not buy the first one you like. It's a good idea to read the color reference first. After all, the conditions of detention for different colors are very different. Make sure you can provide them. Otherwise, the chosen flower will not please your eyes for a long time.

The appearance can suggest the basic requirements for the care of a houseplant.

- Plants with leathery leaves are less demanding of moisture. They are not very susceptible to temperature fluctuations and grow relatively slowly.

- Delicate, soft, openwork leaves are more moisture-loving, grow quickly, require high humidity and do not tolerate sudden temperature fluctuations.

- The brighter the color of the leaves, the more important the light mode is for the plant. Brightly colored leaves will fade with an excess of light and turn green with a lack of it. Therefore, buy in advance, for example, special chandeliers, lamps, floor lamps or lamps. They will not only make the lighting in your room just perfect, but also become an exquisite element of the interior thanks to their stylish design.

- A plant with fragile leaves requires timely watering. Thick leaves and stems are able to store moisture and, accordingly, can tolerate insufficient watering relatively easily.

So that the care of indoor plants does not turn into a struggle for survival, choose only a healthy plant for purchase. The leaves should be clean, without stains, and their underside without visible pests.

Rules for the care of indoor plants:

The basics of proper care of indoor plants include temperature and light modes, watering and fertilizing, humidification.

- House plants do not tolerate sudden temperature fluctuations. A decrease in air temperature leads to a slowdown in plant growth. Although some species, such as orchids, need a cold dormant period to form buds. It is also not necessary to place the plant in a draft.

- Before choosing a plant, find out how much light it needs. There are shade-tolerant species that easily tolerate a lack of sunlight. Other plants in the shade may simply die.

- There are subtleties in watering. This is one of the most important factors in the care of indoor plants. It is better to adhere to the rule – it is better not to top up than to pour. It is necessary to water with soft water at room temperature.

- Many plants require top dressing for good growth and development. Now ready-made fertilizers for various types are sold in stores. They are simple and easy to use. Top dressing of plants is carried out mainly in the summer and during the flowering period.

- Very often, when caring for indoor plants, they forget about sufficient humidification of the surrounding air. Our rooms with central heating batteries do not contribute to high humidity. Therefore, it is very desirable to use an air humidifier. This is the best option, since not all plants tolerate spraying. For example, violets can die if water gets into the sockets of the leaves.

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